How to use the mobile dock ramp

Mobile dock ramp is more and more widely used in the warehouse and factory, it makes loading and unloading very easier for the user.

So here we would like to share a little experience that we operate the dock ramp.


Few points before use about hydraulic system

1 While using hand pump, firstly turn the oil return valve clockwise to fasten it tightly.

2 Press the hand shank, and the dock leveler will lift up gradua


3 While falling down, loosen the oil return valve (turn it counterclockwise), and then the dock leveler will decline by its own weight.

Operation Methods of dock ramp
1 Press the hand shank to lift it up to the floor of vehicle.

2 Vehicle is in place.

3 Loosen the oil return valve and it climbs down. Make sure that the lip board of yard ramp smoothly laps joint from a vehicle in the tail.

4 Begin to work.

5 After working, loosen the fixed chains, press the hand shank to lift it up, the vehicle is driven away and the dock leveler resets.

6 Climbing up its tail, hang in the car to move.


There are also many types of dock ramp, like stationary dock leveler, but this operation methods are almost the same, you can also ask more information from the salesman or technicians.




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