About used lift

I have received many inquiry emails about used lift recently, why someone like used one?

For some material handling solutions, buying used equipment is a money-saving option, but for any load-bearing device such as a scissor lift, there are some questions to ask before committing to such a purchase:

1. Is there an extended warranty available for this purchase?

2. How old is this lift and has it been completely overhauled prior to the sale?

3. What are the terms?

4. Is there a conditional guarantee?

Many lower-priced lifts may be sold as-is, with no return option. If this is the case, your best bet is to keep looking unless you plan on doing an overhaul yourself. If you don’t have the tools or manpower to properly rebuild such a low-end model, the risks you take buying used may outweigh any short-term financial benefits. Load bearing machines need scheduled maintenance to work properly and safely.

In our suggestion, you should buy a new lifter, the life time is very long than used one, and save cost. Thank you.

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