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  • How to choose the ring auto scissor lift

    The seal is very important part for the auto scissor lift , when we choose to seal, you must consider the following important factors: 1. Pressure High and low pressure, the pressure variation cycle length, the seal is broken (such as extrusion) has a great influence. The higher the pressure, the sealing member other factors greater »more

  • trust-t-lift-commercial

    Wheelchair lift check the emergency brake button

    Wheelchair lift check the emergency brake button     Check items: Emergency stop button Problems: Control line reversed or missed, buttons failure or damage Inspection methods and requirements: A, check button pressed down for damage inspection and self-locking can successfully pressed, and then check whether the rotation is reset repercussions; B: In the cage up to »more

  • Wheelchair lift-1

    Wheelchair lift the rack bezel

    Wheelchair lift the rack bezel To avoid wheelchair lifts running or hanging cage fall, gear and rack safety device occlusal separation the wheelchair lift rack back wheel and rack baffle should be used. When the rack rear wheel failure, rack bezel become the ultimate protective device. Wrong phase-phase protection The circuit has a phase sequence and phase failure protection. The »more

  • aluminum alloy lift

    Aluminum lift platform

    Aluminum lift is made of high strength quality aluminum alloy material, has a beautiful shape, small size, light weight, flexible operation, easy to implement. Lift stable, safe and reliable. Its light appearance, maximum lifting capacity in a very small space. Widely used in factories, hotels, restaurants, railway stations, theaters, exhibition halls and other places, the »more

  • wheel chair lift

    wheel chair lift

    This vertical lift is very suitable for disabled person.Our wheelchair lift consists of a platform with high side walls, an upper landing gate, a platform mounted gate, a drive system and easy-to-use operating controls. The platform walls and the platform gate travel with the platform creating a barrier around the passenger. This wheelchair lift can be installed with little to no site modifications. Its hydraulic system offers passengers smooth and comfortable transportation and different safety devices remove every hiding risk.

  • Manual scissor lift or electric scissor lift

    Manual scissor lift or electric scissor lift

    Do I go for a manual scissor lift or an electric scissor lift option?   Hello everyone, many customers ask about the manual scissor lift and electric scissor lift, which one is beeter? My suggestion is as follows:   This one is simply down to the application; if for example you are using the scissor »more

  • Knowledge of the dock ramp run-in period

    Knowledge of the dock ramp run-in period

    Knowledge of the dock ramp run-in period 1, poor lubrication Due to the new dock ramp assembly parts with a smaller gap, and because assembly and other reasons, it is difficult to guarantee the uniformity with the gap, the lubricant (grease) is not easy to form a uniform film on the friction surface, to prevent wear. Thereby reducing »more

  • Diesel scissor lift

    Diesel scissor lift

    Diesel scissor lift A client from Ukrainian construction company have demand in hydraulic scissor lift with diesel engine. He needs urgently, and Sinicmech machinery has only 10days left to catch his container.  All our workers work hard, we finished production on time with high quality. By the way, the lift can lift up with diesel engine, suitable for working outside. As we said, Sinicmech machinery will do our best to service you.

  • The boom lift bearing cleaning and maintenance work is essential

    The boom lift bearing cleaning and maintenance work is essential

    The boom lift bearing cleaning and maintenance work is essential Used in industrial boom lifts, boom lift internal contain bearings, we usually use of the boom lifts are very frequent, use a long time, however, the boom lift will be some failures, in fact, the cause of the failure, including the reasons put the expansion »more

  • Regular failure about scissor lift

    When using the scissor lift, may you can meet some questions, now let us to tell you how to resolve it, Reason: 1. Power of electrical machine is abnormal 2. There is no oil or no enough oil in the cylinder 3. Oil filter is blocking 4. Normally closed valve is dirty. 5. Normally closed »more