How to do if wheelchair lift fails to operate?

Wheelchair lift is one special lifting equipment. It may fail to operate in use because of different reasons. How to do? Hope follows are helpful to you.
Reason: power failure.
A: check whether power is on.
Reason: The connectors on the control panel are too loose or apart from control panel.
A: Plug in or replace.
Reason: The manually operated down valve is open
A: Close the manually operated down valve .
Reason: The lifting platform is overloaded and the thermal relay operates protection.
A: Unload the machinery to the rated load and then it will recover automatically.
Reason: The key switch on the control panel is not turn on
A: Turn on the key switch.
Reason: The emergency stop button is locked or damaged.
A: Turn on the emergency stop switch or replace it.
Reason: The safety touch plates close (the lifting platform can’t descend under such circumstance).
A: Regulate the switching stroke or remove the barrier.
Reason: The current protection fuse is broken.
A: Do replacement.

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