Maintenance of lead rail lifts

For the lead rail lifts, when used in their daily lives to pay attention to maintenance , prolong its life. Understand the issues under care and maintenance of machinery and equipment :

1 Brake agencies should always be checked and gap adjustment wheel brake shoes and brake , to ensure flexible and reliable. In the friction surface , there should be no dirt exists in case of dirt must be washed off with gasoline or thinner .

2 gearbox , transmission, and other parts of the external gear lubrication and hydraulic oil according to the lubrication requirements of the table .

3 inspection departments should pay attention to whether the broken wires and loose rope stock phenomenon . If more than the relevant provisions must be renewed immediately. Rope maintenance should be in strict accordance with GB5144-85 requirements.

4 ministries regularly check the connections , if any, should tighten loose . Body should check the tightness of bolts ( rotating arm can be caused by compression methods to the state ) in the body under pressure, all connections must have a little shaft cotter pin , and the need to open fully .

5 . Always check the agencies functioning properly , with or without the noise , if found defective and must be immediately removed.

6 installation, removal and adjustment of the rotary mechanism , pay attention to ensure that the center line parallel with the centerline of the gear reducer rotating mechanism , the mating surfaces of not less than 70%, the meshing clearance to fit .

7 Always check all the wires and cables for damage . The dressing should be promptly and replacement part to injury.

8 encountered motor has overheated to stop in time , troubleshooting and then continue to run the motor bearing lubrication must be good .

9 parts of brushes to clean the contact surface , adjusting the brush pressure to the contact area of ​​not less than 50% .

10. Various control boxes, distribution boxes , etc. kept clean , timely cleaning of dust on electrical equipment .

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