No pit type stationary dock leveler

Whenever we need loading and unloading goods, what is your first thoughts? Dock ramp comes into my brain, maybe someone do not know this products, then you will miss many fast work.

Dock ramp
 is used for loading and unloading goods from container or truck, it is very popular in warehouse, wharf, logistics center, factory and other working place, it will be perfect working with forklift truck, can save much labor force and improve work efficiency, there are three different kinds of ramps, mobile container ramp, stationary dock leveler and no pit dock leveler, as the following picture shows.
This no pit model dock ramp do not occupy any space and it is very easy to be installed. With 6t to max 15 tons load capacity, makes this model more and more popular for the user.
However, pls also consider the quality and their service before you make the decision.


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