Scissors cargo lifts for sales

Stationary scissors cargo lifts provide the most stable, dependable, and versatile method of lifting heavy loads.

1.The stationary scissor lift  is generally used for lifting cargo and people to working place .Loading and unloading goods from ground to underground or to other floors

2. Features with great loading capacity.

3.Hydraulic lift system provide steady ascending and descending of scissor structure.

4. This scissor cargo lift can be used to lift cargo with different levels, suitable for cargo moving between stairs, from basement to first floor, to second floor, or to third floor. Operation is easy, and the lifts run very smoothly. There are also explosion-proof  lock valve to avoid a sudden drop if emergency occurs.

5.The limit switch system helps the lift to stop at accurate position.

6.The hydraulic cylinders and hose are armed with explosion-proof lock valve to avoid a sudden drop once hydraulic pipe breaks, the work platform will be down slowly to ensure safety of cargo.

7.Emergency button is available on each control box, when emergency occurs, the immediate stop can be realized.

8.control system adopt elevator control system,very convenient and safety.



1. This machine can customize,if you need it,please tell us your  load capacity,lifting height, platform size, for more information, pls visit our website:

2. We can aslo add one cover for the lift, then the people can not see the scissor structure from outside, it can also keep dust away.

3. Customer made are available, we can provide different design according different working environment, such as platform size, lift height and load capacity.


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