Monthly Archives: April, 2013

  • Knowledge of the dock ramp run-in period

    Knowledge of the dock ramp run-in period 1, poor lubrication Due to the new dock ramp assembly parts with a smaller gap, and because assembly and other reasons, it is difficult to guarantee the uniformity with the gap, the lubricant (grease) is not easy to form a uniform film on the friction surface, to prevent wear. Thereby reducing »more

  • Diesel scissor lift

    Diesel scissor lift A client from Ukrainian construction company have demand in hydraulic scissor lift with diesel engine. He needs urgently, and Sinicmech machinery has only 10days left to catch his container.  All our workers work hard, we finished production on time with high quality. By the way, the lift can lift up with diesel engine, suitable for working outside. As we said, Sinicmech machinery will do our best to service you.

  • The boom lift bearing cleaning and maintenance work is essential

    The boom lift bearing cleaning and maintenance work is essential Used in industrial boom lifts, boom lift internal contain bearings, we usually use of the boom lifts are very frequent, use a long time, however, the boom lift will be some failures, in fact, the cause of the failure, including the reasons put the expansion »more

  • Regular failure about scissor lift

    When using the scissor lift, may you can meet some questions, now let us to tell you how to resolve it, Reason: 1. Power of electrical machine is abnormal 2. There is no oil or no enough oil in the cylinder 3. Oil filter is blocking 4. Normally closed valve is dirty. 5. Normally closed »more

  • Companies have chosen to wheelchair lift skills

    Companies have chosen to wheelchair lift skills Enterprises in the purchase of wheelchair lift, first to the enterprise beyond the scope of work frequently, utilization, and other factors into account, choose this working-level units require wheelchair lift. Under the proposed technical parameters, conduct market research and the selected supply manufacturers, the first condition is the »more

  • How to do the maintenance of scissor lifts in summer

    How to do the maintenance of scissor lifts in summer Summer how to use scissor lifts? Prepared a few relevant information about it for the majority of new and old customers:   First of all, really good lubricant can protect scissor lifts, protection devices play a crucial role, qualified lubricating oil contains a lot of »more

  • The description of vehicular mounted articulated boom lift

    Hello Everyone Wish  everyone have a nice day! I am so  happy to share my knowledge of the hydraulic lift. Many foreign friends are interested in the self-propelled boom lift, but the price is so expensive. Now we introduce the vehicular mounted articulated boom lift for you.   This kind lift is the best alternative »more

  • Repair and maintenance of lifts

    The lift is a whole constituted by the lifting platform and manipulate them with the equipment, motors, cables and other auxiliary equipment. Should always check each wire rope hydraulic lift machinery and equipment without broken wires and loose shares phenomenon, installation, removal and adjust the slewing mechanism, to be taken to ensure that the center »more

  • Aerial Work Truck

    Hello dear friend, good day! Today aerial work truck is going to introduced for you. What’s aerial work truck? What’s it used for? How do you use it? Following specification will answer for you. Aerial work truck is the perfect assembling of boom lift and truck chassis. The boom parts of boom lift mounted onto »more

  • Self propelled scissor lift SPS0.3-10 (gs-3246)

    Lase week our Brizal clients came to visit our factory and ordered 2 self propelled scissor lift, our model SPS0.3-10 is the same with gs-3246. It can lift 10m high and load 300kg, battery powered, and the battery can work 8 hours with full charge. It’s very convenient for the workers maintenance, cleaning.