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  • Use the scissor lift pump pressure is insufficient how to do?

    Use the scissor lift pump pressure is insufficient how to do? In the use of lifts, hydraulic pump if the pressure is insufficient, it will affect the work of the scissor lift. To ensure the life of the lift device insufficient pressure to promptly identify causes and solutions. As we all know, lifts high-strength manganese steel »more

  • Aerial work platforms

    Aerial work platform, is a portable aerial products, aerial used in various industries, equipment installation, maintenance and so on. Is widely used in various industries. Aerial work platforms, scissors generally are high-altitude platforms, vehicle-mounted aerial work platforms, aerial work platform, folding arm, self-propelled aerial work platforms, aerial work platform, aluminum, set of six cylinder type »more

  • To do a good job scissor lift gear lubrication

    To do a good job scissor lift gear lubrication Hydraulic scissor lift reducer should be cleaned once a year check carefully, there is no obvious damage in various parts of the case, do not remove overhaul and adjustments. 1, in the lift reducer work process, if found oil over 100 degrees Celsius or generate errors Changde »more

  • How to install the platform of 18m mobile scissor lift?

    18m mobile scissor lift is used widely for heavy carrying in industrial field or construction. Its self-height is about 2.6m, over height when load into container. So the platform of lift would be dissembled before delivery. Pls don’t worry. It’s very easy to install. As follows: 1. Make sure four pins and screws are all »more

  • The features of ‘MORN’ wheel chair lift

    The features of ‘MORN’ wheel chair lift 1. Remote control system, you can just use the remote-control to control the lift up down and stop 2. Two column post switch, the two are linked with lift, one is on the ground, another is one the top floor, this is used to control the lift by the »more

  • Scissor lift pump station features

    Scissor lift pump station features: 1 high pressure hydraulic control systems, energy saving green design. 2. Rigorous process designed to ensure high energy efficiency. 3 low-noise, to prevent leakage. 4 security and stability of the system path. 5 compact, powerful power, high operating frequency. 6 components to ensure good interchangeability, ensure high operation rate. Please »more

  • How to choose the ring auto scissor lift

    The seal is very important part for the auto scissor lift , when we choose to seal, you must consider the following important factors: 1. Pressure High and low pressure, the pressure variation cycle length, the seal is broken (such as extrusion) has a great influence. The higher the pressure, the sealing member other factors greater »more

  • Wheelchair lift check the emergency brake button

    Wheelchair lift check the emergency brake button     Check items: Emergency stop button Problems: Control line reversed or missed, buttons failure or damage Inspection methods and requirements: A, check button pressed down for damage inspection and self-locking can successfully pressed, and then check whether the rotation is reset repercussions; B: In the cage up to »more