Monthly Archives: December, 2013

  • About used lift

    I have received many inquiry emails about used lift recently, why someone like used one? For some material handling solutions, buying used equipment is a money-saving option, but for any load-bearing device such as a scissor lift, there are some questions to ask before committing to such a purchase: 1. Is there an extended warranty available »more

  • cargo loading lifts–lead rail lift

    Lead rail lift, one type of cargo loading lifts, used for transportation between floors in high buildings. It’s perfectly suitable for the workplace that pit is not available. Characterized by perfect stability, little noise, hierarchical control and high travel height. Max. load capacity of this type lift is 10t. If pit is available, normal depth »more

  • Outdoor scissor lifts protective focus

    Outdoor scissor lifts protective focus 1, Scissor lift control box should do the job waterproof moisture to avoid causing a short circuit after rain soaked affect the work. 2, motor pump stations should be placed to prevent burn out the motor has imposed high water, you should install waterproofing. 3, hydraulic cylinder protection is very »more

  • self-propelled scissor lift

    Hello everyone. Christmas is coming. Merry Christmas in advance. Our company introduce the new technology, and redesign the self-propelled scissor lift, the picture is as follows: Main parts are imported from overseas, such as Dc motor is Brand Bucher from US. Pump is Brand Marzocchi from Italy. Release pump is brand White from USA. Battery »more