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  • Vertical lift-Routine maintenance

    1 A trained personal staff is responsible for the operation and maintenance of vertical lift. 2 Hydraulic oil should be replaced once per annum, in winter using N32 # anti-wear hydraulic oil, and in summer N46 # anti-wear hydraulic oil. 3 Equipment should be properly stored when it is not working, covering dust guard and »more

  • Advantage of electric scissor lift for maintenance

    Now self propelled scissor lift is more and more widely used for maintenance and installation. It mainly has the following advantages:   1. The scissor lift takes storage battery as the power source, and makes low noise and no emission when working, So it can be used in indoor occasions such as workshops, warehouses, hotels, etc. 2. The base structure of each model has standard size, same as the scissor structure and other parts, so these parts are made separately, on one hand, it improves our production capacity a lot, but the most important is we can assure the high quality of each part. 3. Scissor structure The scissor structure are made by advanced CNC machine, which make every lift parts extremely precise and can cut max 20 mm thickness steel structure and error will be less than three-thousandths of a millimetre. 4. The steering wheel can make a 90°turn in situ, can run in both high and low speeds, and can used in small space. 5. Solid rubber wheels The small solid rubber wheels moves slightly, and it has no any damage to the floor. 6. The platform can extend on one side, which can enlarge the working space   7. The guardrails of platform are foldable, and can reduce the height of the whole machine, which facilitates the transportation and pass of places such as openings. 8 The convenient parts make guardrail foldable easily operation. 9. Swing-out tray The trays in both sides of the chassis can be swing out, which facilitate the maintenance, inspection and replacement 10. Pump station and hydraulic oil tank11. The other side swing out tray is battery-Famous brand Trojan12. Easy understanding control box-on the platform. Each control button has the instruction mark, the user can understand how it works and easy to operate.13. The foot switch must be stepped on before any further operation, to avoid mis-operation.14. All the electric wire are well packaged, which can prevent water and dust. 15, The red button is used to force down the platform, when meets emergency or no power. 16. Emergency stop value and charger hole, and the voltage can be made as your local supply. 17. Maintenance schedules and other warnings are printed on the scissor lift. 18. Spare parts, some tools and operation manual, service manual will be sent with machine 19. Each lift will be fully tested before factory, we will assure every part works and make the video for the customer.  

  • Boom lift-The necessity to the modern society

    How to do aerial work? That the worker needs 12m to max 30m above aerial job, boom lift is the most suitable equipment. it is articulated and telescopic boom. It’s aerial work platform from which we can stand to continue our work. The half caged bucket is lifted by hydraulic lift system. The worker can »more

  • New design-single post aluminum lift platform

        Recently we just produced our new design-single post aluminum lift platform, that we improved our design and many detailed parts, there are some new changes as below.   1. Electrical parts-waterproof grade IP65, you can still control the lift platform even it is outside when raining.   3. Platform control for the worker-Only »more

  • China’s logistics equipment manufacturing enterprises

    In recent years, the rapid development of the logistics industry, various large-scale logistics equipment manufacturers are spending heavily in research and development costs have, and strive to occupy a dominant position in the market competition.   In the future development of China’s logistics equipment manufacturing enterprises may be more with the acquisition, the powerful combination »more

  • Morn vertical lift-used in the warehouse

      The above picture show that the worker is doing maintenance standing on the vertical lift. This is 10 meters high aluminum lift, which can also be trailing to anywhere, most important reason is light weight, one person can operate and tow it easily. The lift height ranges from 3m to maximum working height of »more

  • Dock ramp-ideal tools for your loading goods

    First, thanks for your visiting this artical. Now i ask you a question, when your needs would move a forklift, truck or car into or out of a building or other height structure, what do you need? Yes, you need one dock ramp. When you need to move into or out of a truck or container »more

  • stationary hydraulic scissor lift with great efficiency

    Stationary hydraulic lift platform is relatively fixed in one place for work, working height is  relatively low, a larger load lifting operating machinery. It is all hydraulic lifting  platform evolution of the prototype, but also has been used widely in lifting operating machinery, widely used in the production of a certain height difference between the pipeline transportation of goods, parts assembly, auto repair industries.   MORN stationary scissor lift has the following characteristics: (1) The process of rise and fall uniformly smooth. (2) Compact structure, the appearance of simple, maintenance and use are  flexible and convenient. (3) Great load capacity, effectively improve work efficiency. (4) Extensive range of optional accessories, can meet all customer needs. (5) Clean pollution-free, environmentally maintenance.   Jinan Sinicmech Machinery Co.,Ltd set design – manufacturing- sales – installation – service  in one of modern technology-based manufacturing enterprises. Company scientific management  mode, enterprising design team, diligent integrity of the corporate culture, Vilnius Patel insisted epitomizes brand awareness.   Professional, sophisticated corporate philosophy, system, improve the management system is Vilnius Patel strive to create a solid foundation for the brand project. Industry expertise, nuanced in order to improve every detail of the product and lead product upgrading, and always keep your business at the forefront of the industry. Improve the company’s management system so that every aspect of the production process to maximize the improvement in the quality of the product quality from the staff, to the after-sales service are in a set of effective management  system being monitored. In addition, the company has a group of professional designers lifting machinery, is engaged in the design, production and sale of hydraulic lift and dock ramp earliest group of elite, they experienced, rich design and manufacturing experience is a powerful guarantee of product quality

  • Why does dock ramp become more and more popular

    Loading dock ramp have a fixed height adjustment function can bridge the gap between the dock and warehouse trucks, forklifts can maneuver through it directly into the truck’s cargo handling and transportation. Today, the most common for warehouse logistics is responsible for handling equipment forklifts, electric forklifts, hand pallet truck, forklift trucks, lifting platform, dock leveler and other auxiliary handling tools, the face of increasingly strong demand for logistics development, for materials equipment needs to further increase, especially in the warehouse into the ship responsible for port handling equipment needed is not only more, but also more secure, and reliable. It would appear that the dock ramp is one of the most critical auxiliary equipment. So why the dock ramp become the most practical storage equipment devices, because in the modern plant and warehouse equipment and construction, are designed with a high starting loading platform, and highly general and truck loading platform between there will always be some gaps and some gaps, so that loading and unloading of vehicles can not enter directly into trucks, forced to rely on manual handling, resulting in a waste of time and manpower, but also seriously affect the efficiency of the work, but also increases the risk of job sex. Therefore, the height adjustment plate is aimed at overcoming this situation and the design and manufacture of the above, the use of such flexible height adjustment board will dock with the truck ride together to make loading and unloading vehicles to unimpeded access to truck loading and unloading cargo, not only to ensure the handling efficiency, but also increase the cargo handling security, but also modern logistics warehouses and factories necessary handling equipment.

  • Wheelcahir lift for sale from mornlift

    Wheelchair lift is a very convenient tool for lifting the disabled people, do you need the cost effective wheelchair lift? It is a little difficult to choose the wheelchair lift with best price, for we have to also consider the service and background of the supplier, quality and so on. So more and more buyer »more