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A wheelchair lift is a mechanical equipment that is specifically designed to transport a wheelchair or individual from one floor to another. This allows wheelchair users the opportunity to move freely within a multi-floored building while taking the wheelchair so they are fully independent between floors.

Vertical wheelchair lift consists of a platform with high side walls, an upper landing gate, a platform mounted gate, a drive system and easy-to-use operating controls.Wheelchair lift is divided into two types according to material, which Spray type and Stainless Steel type. Characterized by novel design, perfect stability and safety, nice appearance, low noise and so on, with 1.0-8.0m working range, 150-300kg carrying capacity. Ideal for indoor and outdoor applications.


There is a automatic ramp(for people easy up to the platform with wheelchair) that can lift up while the lift goes up(refer to the left picture). but if you want the guardrail like the right one, then the ramp can only be fixed on the ground. But the upper side can add a door or handrail.
Wheelchair lift is mainly used for the disabled people to provide an access, they can go stairs and up-down floor easily.

Usually there are two ways in and out according to different installation environment, as the following drawing shows:
Straight Through Access and Adjacent Access, which are widely used in home elevators.
What we do is only for one aim, to provide a convenient access for the disabled.

disabled lift 16

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