Boom lift-The necessity to the modern society

How to do aerial work? That the worker needs 12m to max 30m above aerial job, boom lift is the most suitable equipment. it is articulated and telescopic boom. It’s aerial work platform from which we can stand to continue our work. The half caged bucket is lifted by hydraulic lift system. The worker can stand in the platform which can be lifted to a great height and do the work. In many countries, boom lift is widely used for pick cherry, and it is also called cherry picker.

There are two different types of boom lift according to the work, articulated boom lift and telescopic boom lift, the heights is also vary. Some can reach 12m high and some up to 45m high.
The design of the boom lift changes in the nature of work, like if it is used for fruits picking, painting, industry, factories, for working on electric poles, cables or window, statue and wall cleaning. It is often needed in film production too for lighting purposes.

There are many reputed companies manufacturing and selling boom lift. Different supplier shows the designs, range, functions, operations, safety features and prices. We can see the colorful pictures and graphics too. This is the very big market, boom lift has become a necessity to meet these demands. As we all want a higher platform to reach the world.


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