Container loading ramp for sales from MORN

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container loading ramp is the special auxiliary equipment used for loading and unloading of goods.Its height adjustment function can be adjusten with the different heights of lorries. The forklift can move into the wagon box directly to carry out loading and unloading operations, and only one person operation can easily fulfill rapid loading of goods.

Container loading ramp helps the enterprise to reduce a great amount of labor force and double the work efficiency, speed up the rate of goods flow, so as to achieve greater economic results. It is an indispensable device for enterprises to realixe rate.civilized production with high efficency.

1) The platform and the lip are driven hydraulically. Their height vary with the change of the height of the wagon box, and they keep close contact with the wagon box all the time.

2)Adopt the full long shaft articulation with high strength and good reliablility,ensuring that under the condition of heavy load, loading ramps will not be worn out or deformed even used all the year round.

3) The hydraulic cylinder adopts the foreign advanced full-module-type hydraulic station,which has the operation reliability and long lifespan.

4) The platform is of high stength U-shaped beam design,which guarantees that it will not deform under high load and long time operation.

5) The surface board of the platform adopts the anti-slip riffed plate with good anti-slip property so that the fork will not slip when driving on the platform.

6) Both sides of the platform are fitted with anti-seizure safety guard board to prevent tiptoes from being accidently injured when stretching into the platform.

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