Vertical lift-Routine maintenance

1 A trained personal staff is responsible for the operation and maintenance of vertical lift.
2 Hydraulic oil should be replaced once per annum, in winter using N32 #
anti-wear hydraulic oil, and in summer N46 # anti-wear hydraulic oil.
3 Equipment should be properly stored when it is not working, covering dust
guard and holding up legs. No outdoor storing.
4 According to the platform using frequency, we should carry out weekly or
monthly inspection:
(1) To check the platform connection pin nuts no loose, and falls off
(2) To check the hydraulic tubing no rupture, connectors no leakage and loose
(3) To check the electrical lines no linking, bare
(4) To check all joints of controlling box no loose, the light is working properly
(5) To check the electrical, hydraulic valves block, the control handle, the
button operating flexible
(6) To check the switch of the lower and higher limit position no loose,damaged
(7) To check the lubrication state of strut and cylinder pin, handling into enough oil
(8) To maintain the glide path often in lubrication, wheel and the slide no dry friction


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