Why hydraulic lifts need to replace the hydraulic oil in winter?


For the hydraulic lifts, hydraulic oil can be divided according to function 32 and 46 hydraulic oil, hydraulic oil is used in summer and winter, hydraulic oil, in addition to extremely low temperatures used in aviation hydraulic oil. In many cases, the company stressed that lifts areas of four seasons with the New Year to be replaced in the fall of hydraulic oil, which is why? Jinan Tianfeng Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd. to you to analyze.

Hydraulic oil in summer and winter quality is not the same, when the two hydraulic oil used in the summer is not very obvious difference, can be used. But in the extremely low temperatures in winter, two hydraulic oil will be significant differences between summer and winter use hydraulic oil in the oil quality will become very dense, this time the work will lead to lack of lift hydraulic oil pressure, do not even lift working conditions, will result in damage to the motor and other electrical components damaged. Winter hydraulic oil was able to maintain a good and stable operation of equipment to use, so the company will require customers to be replaced in the late autumn season over hydraulic oil, in order to ensure the normal operation of the lifting platform of the device.

Hydraulic oil production enterprises also need to be broken, there are good and bad quality of the points, the domestic oil is in relatively good basic oil and two large state-owned enterprises in the petrochemical production of hydraulic oil, in addition, you can choose such foreign giants Shell or Mobil producer hydraulic oil, there quality guaranteed, and can be used multiple times, a strong abrasion resistance, scratch resistance for the equipment is also very low.

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